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Henchem is a specialist and experienced supplier of environmental management solutions.

Welcome to the home of Henchem. We specialise in vegetation management, pest control products, and public health solutions. We are an established specialist distributor of a comprehensive range of innovative products, equipment, protective clothing, accredited training, specialist application services and technical assistance. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us for all your environmental management needs.

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Certified B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor


Welcome to Henchem Environmental Management Solutions, where excellence meets empowerment!

We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved the prestigious status of a B-BBEE Level 1 contributor, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility.

At Henchem, we have always valued the principles of empowerment and inclusivity. Our recent achievement of Level 1 B-BBEE status is a testament to our unwavering dedication to fostering positive change within the South African business landscape.

Vegetation Management

Successfully manage vegetation with our comprehensive range of products and solutions suited to your needs. We offer one of the widest ranges of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers and growth promoters which can assist in turf grass management on sport fields and lawn, horticultural environments, industrial weed control, bush control, dams, forestry and nature conservation areas.

An integrated approach between chemical and natural interventions can provide long term results while still having a low impact on the environment. We can assist you with vegetation problem assessments, compiling management programs, product selection, equipment calibration and application training in order to obtain the best long-term results.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and solutions in:
  • Turf grass management
  • Horticultural environments
  • Fertilizer, growth promoters and soil conditioners
  • Total weed control and soil sterilisation
  • Invader plant control
  • Aquatic weed and algae control
  • Application equipment
  • Protective clothing
  • Weed control application services in the Western Cape
  • Accredited weed control training
  • Assessments, analysis and technical assistance
Vegetation Management

Ensuring Public Health with Pest Control Products

Various pests and pathogens can spread disease to humans, damage property and have a negative effect on human behaviour and food supply.

Henchem offers a comprehensive range of pest control products, including insecticides, baits, fumigants, rodenticides, traps, devices and other non-toxic solutions to control, repel and manage pests.

Hygiene-on-site is the first step in an integrated approach to pest management, regardless of whether it is a domestic house, food processing facility, hospitality or medical site. Henchem offers solutions for:

  • Crawling pest control
  • Flying pest control
  • Rodent control
  • Bird control
  • Reptile control
  • Animal control
  • Termite control
  • Stored product pest control
  • Wood-destroying pest control
  • Hygiene solutions
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Pathogen control

Summer is fly Season

Reduce fly presence by controlling maggots in breeding areas such as dustbins, compost heaps and wet organic reach soils.

Conventional insecticides don’t kill maggots. Apply an insect growth regulation, such as Diflubenzuron, to stop the development of larvae.

pest control products

A new era in industrial weed control

ESPLANADE 500SC is a revolutionary new preventative herbicide.

ESPLANADE 500SC will keep roads, railway track, fences and other hard scape areas WEED FREE for up to 8 months with only 150ml/ha.

A single 500ml ESPLANADE 500SC will treat an area of 3,3 hectares or 33 000m2.

ProFume Post Harvest and structural fumigation

The new standard in gas fumigation
ProFume is a new broad-spectrum cylinderized fumigant effective on all life stages of insects, other arthropods and rodent pests.
  • Registered for the fumigation of commodities, structures and debarked wood (including ISPM).
  • New software allows for flexible fumigation. Long-term cost-effective fumigation or short-term fumigation (as low as 16 hours) for quick turnaround time.
  • Non-flammable, odourless, colourless gas that rapidly vaporizes and distributes quickly.
  • Penetrates and aerates wood faster than Methyl Bromide.
  • Inorganic gas does not leave surface residues and is completely inert on surfaces, such as metals, rubber, glass and ceramic.
  • Not an ozone depleting substance.
  • Sulphuryl Fluoride has been the primary fumigant in the USA for structural fumigation for the past three decades.
  • Powerful app-based software takes the guess work out of fumigation.
ProFume is a specialized product which can only be applied by qualified fumigators and which completed additional stewardship training.  This highly penetrating fumigant offers various advantages to fumigators and their customers.
Setting a new standard in efficiency, professionalism and flexibility.
Vegetation management – Which sector can make use of our products and solutions
Sport facilities, Estates, Municipalities, Private and Public game reserves, Road and rail Industries, Industrial sites, maintenance contractors.
Public health – Which sector can make use of our products and solutions
Pest control products can be used by contractors, governmental departments, the hospitality sector, medical facilities, food handling environments, storage, and processing facilities. We have solutions suitable for commercial and retail facilities.
Contact Henchem for
  • Product introduction and consultation.
  • ProFume gas, monitoring- and fumigation equipment.
  • Stewardship training & Implementation.
  • Technical Support

Speak to us about implementing an integrated approach to obtain long term vegetation management results.

We service clients across the country from our 3 offices in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng.