What we offer – vegetation management, pest control and more

Henchem Lines
We offer customers 22 years’ experience in Public health pest control and Vegetation Management markets. We supply a wide range of innovative and highly specialised chemicals and natural products, innovative application equipment and personal protective equipment. We similarly provide accredited training, on site assessments and analysis, technical support and specialized application services to our clients.

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Durban: 061 473 0162

Gauteng: 067 223 3760
Eastern Cape: 069 593 4169
We Supply Highly specialised chemicals and natural products

Our fields of expertise extend to:

Vegetation Management

Turf grass management, Industrial weed control, Invader plant control, Horticultural sites, Aquatic environments, Bush Control and Crop Protection.

Weeds and invader plants can destroy property, create a fire hazard, increase security risk, interfere with sporting activities and reduce our water and agricultural resources. Background knowledge about plants and their growth cycles and implementing an integrated approach between mechanical and chemical interventions are important to reduce the impact on the environment. A long-term management plant will reduce the chemical requirement and cost over time.

What is Vegetation Management?
Vegetation management refers to the control or manage of problem plants and pests, the promotion of growth of plants.
Turf grass management refers to the control of weeds, turf pests and -diseases, fertilizer and growth promotion on sport fields, parks and lawn.
Horticultural management refers to the control of weeds, insect pests and -diseases, fertilizer and growth promotion in gardens and nurseries.
Total weed control and soil sterilization refers to the short, medium- or long-term control of weeds on paving, roads, fences and industrial yards.
Bush control refers to the control of unwanted trees and bushes in nature conservation areas, private property, farms and public areas.
Aquatic management refers to the control of unwanted plants and algae in water systems such as dams, ponds, rivers and lakes.
Public Health
We offer customers 22 years’ experience in Structural Pest Control, Hygiene, Cleaning, Food safety, and Waste Management markets. We supply a wide range of innovative and highly specialised chemicals and natural products, innovative application equipment, devices and personal protective equipment. We also offer product and technical support to the professional pest control market, food storage and processing industries, hospitality, farms and other industrial markets.
What is Public Health?

Public health extends to all activities designed to control, repel and manage structural and public health, insects, pests, birds, reptiles and animals. It also includes hygiene solutions and disease prevention to protect, and in certain circumstances improve, the health of the population, and the continuous supply of food.

An integrated approach between chemicals, natural products, attractants, repellents, traps, baits, devices and application equipment, and a management strategy, will provide long term results.

Organised efforts between all professional contractors, local municipalities, businesses and various stakeholders have a responsibility to the general public to keep their establishments and areas safe and hygienic, through the assessment and management of public health activities.


Our Accreditation

With more than two decades of experience in the field of environmental management solutions, specifically related to Vegetation Management and Public Health, we ensure that we are suitably qualified and trained to provide the best in the industry.
Henchem Accreditation:
  • Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor
  • AFCASA Qualified Staff
  • Team of registered Pest Control Operators (PCO) with the Department of Agriculture
  • AGRI SETA & FP&M SETA Accredited Training Service Provider
  • SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association) Members
  • IERM (Institute of Environmental & Recreational Management Institute) Members
  • GOSA (Grain Industry of South Africa)
  • TGASA (Turf Grass Association South Africa) Members

Our vision and mission

Our Vision is to be the leader and preferred supplier of solutions to the non-agricultural environmental management markets of South Africa
Our Mission is to:
  • Supply the most comprehensive range of environmental management products and solutions.
  • Offer a specialized weed control application service.
  • Provide outcomes-based training in the application of herbicides.
  • Render professional, reliable and comprehensive technical support to customers in the environmental management markets.
  • Offer innovative application equipment, devices and protective clothing for environmental management markets.
  • Stay abreast of developments and be involved in the international and local environmental management markets.
  • Be backed by expert advice and a dedicated team who strive to provide affordable and effective products, solutions or services to our clients.
Above all, we promote the responsible use of pesticides in order to protect applicators, the general public and the conservation of our natural environment, in order to show that we care for all forms of life on earth and improve the quality of life for all.

We will continue to accomplish this by our total commitment to excellence through achieving our strategic goals.

We can be reached via telephone or email at one of our branches in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng. We distribute products nationwide and provide select services in the Western Cape only. Speak to us about your vegetation management or public health needs today.