Broad leaf weed control

Henchem Lines

A range of selective herbicides for the control of broad leaf weeds on golf courses, sports fields, parks, lawn and other maintained turf grass.



Control of all broad leaf weeds in lawn & sporting turf

DESCRIPTION: Selective herbicide for superb control of all broad leaf weeds in lawn & sporting turf.

ADVANTAGES: Advanced formulation with a triple systemic action* Advanced built-in absorbing system * Absorbed within two hours (three times faster than conventional herbicides) * Broad spectrum

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Dicamba, 2,4-D, MCPA 120/ 180/ 157,5 g/l

NOTES: No mowing for five days prior and three days after.

APPLICATION RATE: Greens and bowling rings. 2 litres / hectare (20ml / 4 litres water/ 100m2). Sport fields, Lawns, Fairways 5 – 7 litres / hectare (50 – 70ml / 4 litres water/ 100m2)

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Effective control of certain broad leaf on sensitive grass species.DESCRIPTION: A water dispersible granular herbicide for selective post emergence control of annual broadleaf weeds.

ADVANTAGES: A broad spectrum selective post emergence herbicide for turf that is highly effective in controlling broadleaf weeds * A convenient water dispersible granular formulation with economical rates and in a convenient 1kg container making it easy to handle and mix * Complete weed solution for turf in combination with Barricade Turf herbicide and Monument liquid turf herbicide * Quick systemic action(xylem) with root, shoot and leaf uptake.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Prosulfuron (sufonielureum/sulfonylurea)50g/kg Dicamba 500g/kg.

APPLICATION RATE: 0,8kg to 1,2kg/ha

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