Contact Insecticide

A range of systemic and contact insecticides for the control of insect pests on golf courses, sport fields, parks, lawn and other maintained turf grass.
Henchem Lines

Cypermethrin | Read More

Cost effective control of certain insects.

DESCRIPTION: A broad spectrum contact insecticide for the control of various pests around your house and on crops as listed in label.

ADVANTAGES: Broad spectrum * Cost effective control

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Cypermethrin (pyrethroid)200g/ℓ

NOTES: Irrigate application area within 12 hours after application.

APPLICATION RATE: 2 liters / hectare (20ml / 10 liters water/ 100m2

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Bombex CS | Read More

Long term control of insect pests.

DESCRIPTION: A broad spectrum encapsulated suspension insecticide for the control of pests as indicated.

ADVANTAGES: Micro-encapsulated * Slow release * Long lasting control

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lambda Cyhalothrin (Pyrethroid) 100g/l

NOTES: Spray all surfaces in infested areas and internal structural surfaces. Spray the walls, roof, ceiling, infested furniture,mattresses, bedding, around doors and windows (inside and outside the building), inside and behind cupboards and under shelves.In case of indoor treatments, remove all pets and foodstuffs from the room and cover all surfaces used for food preparation.Turn off the electricity.

APPLICATION RATE:0,5 liters / hectare (5ml / 10 liters water/ 100m2)

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