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AIR 160 Air Purifier | Read More

ADVANTAGES: •AIR160 disinfects the air by destroying microorganisms using a 3-way purification technology; filtration, ionisation and UV C light disinfection * Same technologies used to purify the air in hospital operating theatres.

NOTES: Controls Viruses, Bacteria, Moulds, Fungi, Mites, Dust and particulates, Pollen, Cigarette smoke, Harmful gases, Odours * Disinfects and purifies the air in enclosed areas up to 99.99% * Eliminates micro-organisms that are present In the air * Improves the quality of the air/promotes a comfortable feeling * Has a positive effect on your health & reduction in Inhalation allergies * Strengthens the resistance of the body against diseases * Suitable for areas up to 400m3. Adjustable up to 50m3 air per hour *


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