Dual mode herbicide for non-sensitive environments

Henchem Lines

A range of herbicides for the short, medium and long term control of weeds on paving, roads, fences and industrial yards in non-sensitive environments.


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Dual mode non Sensitive.

DESCRIPTION: A soil applied root absorbing herbicide for the total control of existing weeds, roots and long term residual control.

ADVANTAGES: Root absorbing herbicide * Kills existing weeds, roots and seed * Long term sterilization * Pre- or post construction treatment.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Bromacil 500 g/l

NOTES: Root absorbing herbicide. Requires rain of irrigation to wash product into the root zone.

APPLICATION RATE:12 – 20l / ha or 200ml/4 l water/100m2

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Powerful & long term control of weeds on industrial sites.

DESCRIPTION: Granular soil applied knock down and residual herbicides for very long term control of weeds in non-sensitive areas.

ADVANTAGES: The most potent residual herbicide on the market * Long term control up to 24 months * Easy to use granules * No water, no spray equipment * Just scatter dry over application area.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Bromacil 80 g/kg, Terbuthylazine 120 g/kg

NOTES: Requires rain to activate * Do not use close to water systems, sloppy soils or non target vegetation.

APPLICATION RATE: 80 – 150kg/ha1,5kg/100m2

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A water soluble non-selective herbicide.

DESCRIPTION: A water soluble non-selective herbicide for the control of perennial and annual weed plants in afforestation, non-crop and industrial areas. ADVANTAGES: Absorbed by both roots and leaves * Control weeds for up to 12 months * Systemic and residual action. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Imazapyr 240g/l APPLICATION RATE:3 – 8 litre/ha  or 30 – 80ml/4l water / 100m2 brochure-btn label-btn sds-btn
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