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Humate Sure * Humate Dry | Read More

Soil Conditioner

DESCRIPTION: Humate Sure/Dry is a water soluble medium necessary as a soil conditioner for sandy soils.

ADVANTAGES: Improves soil structure and soil growing conditions for microbes and roots * Improves water holding capacity, water intake and drought protection * Stimulates microbial activity in the soil * Natural chelate to improve nutrient uptake * Stabilise nitrogen and complex phosphates to reduce block ups * easy to use products * Very fine structure is water soluble for deep soil conditioning.


APPLICATION RATE: 3-9kg/ha (30-90g/100m2)

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Soil Sure | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Improve soil structure, soil growing conditions and promote root development

ADVANTAGES: Powerful soil conditioners and bio-stimulants. * Improve filtration and airflow to leach high sodium and chlorides * Improve update of locked nutrients, such as Calcium and Phosphorous * Promote strong and healthy roots. Buffering Soil PH and stimulates microbial activity.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: N 4.3g/kg, P 13.9g/kg, Bo 468mg/kg, C 80g/kg Amino acids 28.27% & soil surfactants

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Liqui-cal Gypsum | Read More

Liqui-Cal Gypsum is a natural source of calcium and sulphate solution.

DESCRIPTION: Building and Correcting Soils naturally

ADVANTAGES: Cost effective soil conditioner * Raising the calcium content *Micro fine particles (<5 microns) in water soluble form for easy application and instant results.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium (Ca) 370gr/kg Magnesium (Mg) 10 gr/kg CCE Resin 62% CCE HCI 100% Moisture content < 0.7 %


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Micro Mix | Read More

A natural soil conditioner & plants immune booster.

DESCRIPTION: A natural soil conditioner & plants immune booster.

ADVANTAGES: A complex of 42 of the most important soil microbes, enzymes amino-acids, auxins, cytokinins, vitamins, humic acid and fulvic acid in a balanced formula * Derived from earthworms, promote healthy soils, roots and plants * Is not assembled but cultivated and extracted from healthy soil.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium (Ca) 370gr/kg Magnesium (Mg) 10 gr/kg CCE Resin 62% CCE HCI 100% Moisture content < 0.7 %

APPLICATION RATE: 10L/1000L water/ ha

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Kelp-P-Max | Read More

A multi-purpose foliar feed.

DESCRIPTION: A vegetative product that ensures root- as well as leaf development, containing amino acids and fully chelated micro-elements

ADVANTAGES: Immediately available * Rectify shortages * Overcome antagonism * Cost-effective.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 7:3:1 (23) NPK supplement * Micro- Nutrients (chelated) * Amino-acids * Kelp growth stimulants

NOTES: Do not apply stronger than 2% mixture

APPLICATION RATE: 2 to 4 litre / hectare

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Kelpak | Read More

Stimulate aggressive root growth.

DESCRIPTION: A natural water soluble concentrate plant growth regulator.

ADVANTAGES: Natural product containing kelp growth hormones * Powerful stimulant for root growth.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Auxins and cito-conins from kelp.

NOTES: Irrigate thoroughly after application.

APPLICATION RATE: 2 to 4 litre / hectare

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