Hand wash & sanitizer

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A range of hand and surface sanitizing products.


Flex Skincare system | Read More

The most cost effective soap dispenser system in the world.

DESCRIPTION: Dispenser made of high quality polypropylene * Life time warranty on dispenser * Adjustable metered pump dispense a controlled dose of 0,4ml, 0,65ml or 1ml of concentrated soap *Antimicrobial (Polygiene) push bar “touch point”. Dispenser sizes: 500ml & 1300 * Dispenser finishes: White, Black & Satin.

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Flex Skincare soap refill | Read More

Quality hygienically sealed refill soap for flex skincare system.

DESCRIPTION: Clean Sanitize Care. • High quality soap with 75% more cleaning solids than other soap systems for a luxurious feeling customers will remember. • Highly concentrated and provides up to 4x more washes than traditional bag-inbox soap systems. • Up to 1250 hand washes per refill. • Hygienically sealed refill eliminates potential contamination. • New nozzle with every refill. • No clogging or dripping. • Signature moisturizing complex with shea butter, vitamin E & panthenol. • Disinfecting soap refills is SABS approved. ADVANTAGES: Hygienically sealed refill * no more messy soap holding compartment * new nozzle with every refill *

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: •Contains signature moisturizing complex with shea butter, Vitamin E & Panthenol for luxurious washing experience.

APPLICATION RATE: Up to 2000 washes per refill.

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Autofoam Dispenser | Read More

High quality touch-free soap dispenser system.

DESCRIPTION: High quality 1100ml Automatic Dispenser. Life time warranty on dispenser. • Automatically dispense a waterless hand sanitizer on to hands. • Dose size of 0.4ml, allows the dispenser to give you 2750 shots of hand sanitizer per refill. Reducing usage and service cost by up to 60%. • Industry leading battery life of 3 years or 120 000 shots of hand soap (Alkaline batteries only, we recommend Duracell). • Dimensions: 14.2(D) x 14.2 (W) x 28.4 cm(H). • Contemporary clean look dispenser is available in white or Satin. • Ideal for high traffic areas such as hospitals, schools, offices, shopping malls.



Autofoam soap refill | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Each refill has its own pump, ensuring that the pump does not clog or break * Hygienically sealed refill ensures that the alcohol does not evaporate, maintaining efficiency * Sanitizer refills are SABS approved.


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