Systemic Insecticide

Henchem Lines

Root absorbing systemic insecticide for the control of sucking insects.


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Root absorbing systemic insecticide for sucking insects.

DESCRIPTION: A systemic insecticide for the control of pests as indicated.

ADVANTAGES: Season long control of sucking insects with a single application *Root absorbed * No spraying *Drench product into root zone *Low impact on beneficial pests resting on leaf surface *Very low application rate * Increased safety for people and the environment * Easy application –no spray equipment

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Imidacloprid 350g/l

NOTES: Long term control of certain turf pests Controls wide grub, mole crickets & ants. Very low application rate. Controls: Ants, mole crickets & white grub.

APPLICATION RATE: 5ml/ 10 litre water / 100m2 500ml/ 1000 litre water/ ha

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Dual mode contact & systemic insecticide.

DESCRIPTION: An emulsifiable concentrate systemic, contact and stomach insecticide and acaricide for the control of pests in crops as indicated.

ADVANTAGES: Dual mode action for reliable control of stubborn insects * Resistant management *Broad spectrum.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Acetamiprid (acetamidine) 16g/ℓ Bifenthrin (pyrethroid) 30g/ℓ

APPLICATION RATE: 10ml/ 10 litre water

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