Weed Control

weed control

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Control grasses in Broadleaf plants.

DESCRIPTION: Control grasses in Broadleaf plants.

ADVANTAGES: Safe to spray over plants, ground covers, shrubs & trees * Only controls grass weeds * Apply to active growing grasses before removing * Apply as a full cover spray over foliage.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Propaquizafop 100g

APPLICATION RATE: 2 – 4 litres / hectare (20 – 40ml / 4 litres water/ 100m2)

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Bio-Barrier | Read More

Control roots of trees

ADVANTAGES: Protect roads, footpaths walls, drain and water pipes from the structural damage caused by tree roots. Vertical installation – Keep roots of trees, grasses and plants at bay. Air, water and nutrients are able to pass through the permeable material * 10 years guarantee * Life expectancy of between 15 and 100 years.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Trifluralin 20g/kg

APPLICATION RATE: 31m x 0,5m / 6m x 0,5m


Plantex Root Protector | Read More

Weed Control in Landscape Ornamentals.

DESCRIPTION: Plantex root barrier is a coated non woven fabric which provides efficient protection against invasive root growth and damage by aggressive tree and plant.

ADVANTAGES: Water permeable * Unique technology * Proven superior root resistance to alternative * available solutions * Easy to install.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Propaquizafop 100g

FURTHER APPLICATION: Depending on national regulations, it can also be used in Green Roof applications. To avoid the spreading of root systems, Plantex® Root Protector can also be used in specific vertical applications, such as in combination with Plantex® Platinum to control invasive and aggressive weeds. The application depends on the specificities of the job site


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