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A range of liquid fertilizers and foliar feeds for turf grass, ornamentals & crops.


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DESCRIPTION: HORTISOL 6:1:3 (15) is a liquid foliar formulation for use as a nutritional supplement for field and tree crops, commercial and garden ornamentals, pot plants and vegetables.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Macro-Nutrients: 11% N, 1,8% P, 5,5% K, 6,45% Seaweed
Micro-Nutrients: 0.45% Fe, 0.3% Mn, 0.23% Zn, 0.075% Cu, 0.15% B, 0.015% Mo

NOTES: Pack size: 1,5 & 20 liter

APPLICATION RATE: 8-16 liter/ 1000L/ ha 80-160ml/ 10L/100m2.
Rate: HORTISOL 6:1:3 (15) applications stimulate and promote plant growth when applied during active growth phases as well as facilitating plant recovery when applied after stress conditions.


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A vegetative product that ensures root- as well as leaf development, containing macro-, fully chelated micro-elements, amino acids and natural kelp growth hormones.

ADVANTAGES: * Rectify nutrient shortages that has derived due to soil antagonism. * A vegetative plant stimulant that ensures root- as well as leaf development. * Ammonium Nitrogen – Building energy-rich proteins. * Phosphorus- Essential for energy releasing reactions. * Micronutrients – Regulating many growth processes. * Amino Acids, is the building blocks of protein and a good growth promoter. It also aid in stress management and providing energy for growth. * Kelp natural plant growth hormones (Auxins & Cytokinins) stimulates cell division and elongation for root development.

NOTES: Pack size: 1 liter, 5 liter, 20 liter

APPLICATION RATE: * 2 to 4 liter/ 500 liter water/hectare. * 20 – 40ml / 5 liter water/ 100m2



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ADVANTAGES: * Soil conditioner – Contains hydroxye, citroen and amino acids, components of sucrose, some macro- and micro nutrients. * Modify soils – Soilsure modify soils, improving filtration and distribution of air and moisture through the root zone. * Amino acids – building blocks of proteins offer instant energy and stimulates new root growth. * Nutrient – Promote root development and stimulate beneficial soil microbes. * Chelation – Organic acid natural chelating agent unlock unavailable nutrients. * Soil PH. The acidic medium assist with the buffering of high soil PH. * Sodium. Leaches high level of sodium levels with regular use.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: N – 4.3g/kg, P – 13.9g/kg, Bo – 468mg/kg, C – 80g/kg, Amino acids – 28.27%

NOTES: Repeat monthly. Pack size: 5 liter, 25 liter

APPLICATION RATE: 3-10 liter / hectare (100ml/ 5 liter water/ ha)


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