Micro Encapsulated Insecticide

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Liquid concentrate insecticide containing slow release micro capsules for exceptionally long residual action


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Long Lasting Insecticide

DESCRIPTION: Bombex® Lambda 10CS is a broad spectrum micro-encapsulated insecticide for the control of mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies, hide & skin beetles and larvae, litter beetles and other beetles, ticks in farms, animal housings, houses, hotels, hostels, restaurants, kitchens and other breeding places.

ADVANTAGES: Broad spectrum low odour contact & stomach insecticide / The patented microcapsulation technology provides superior long residual action of up to 6 months / Resistant to rain and UV breakdown / Polymer capsules provides better retention on all surfaces / Microcapsules attached to the insect’s body resulting in prolonged exposure and workers carrying capsules back into the nest / Safe to apply in sensitive environments, such as old age homes, hospitality, residential, agricultural & commercial areas / Low application rate and highly cost effective over the long run.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lambda Cyhalothrin (Pyrethroid) 100 g/ℓ (Capsule Suspension)

APPLICATION RATE: 32 mℓ / 5ℓ water/ 100 m2

NOTES: Use a low pressure sprayer / Avoid contact with skin / Follow label instructions.

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