Mole Control

Henchem Lines
Mechanical traps and fumigation tablets for the control of moles in turf grass and gardens.

Gotcha Mole Trap | Read More

Mole trap for creeper mole control

DESCRIPTION: Mechanical trap for the control of creeper moles.

ADVANTAGES: Fast and easy setting * Heavy duty professional design * Safe to set and handle * Trap sits close to the ground * Human control * Instantly kills mole.



Moleguard | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Moles have a hyper-sensitive sense of smell whereby their food source is located. Mole Guard contains natural herbs and plant material that moles dislike and they will move away from the treated area

ADVANTAGES: * Environmentally friendly. * Non Toxic. * Bio-degradable. * Easy and ready to use. * Economical. * Use as a parameter treatment. * Press nozzle into soil, alongside runners.

NOTES: Pack size: * MOLE2 – 100g – Covers 100 linear meters. * MOLE1 – 200g – Covers 200 linear meters – Apply with a clocking gun

APPLICATION RATE: Horizontal tunnels: Inject small blobs of Mole Guard (1 cm long) directly into the tunnel every 1 meter.
Vertical tunnels: Remove the heap and find the opening of the tunnel. Inject 2-3 cm of Mole Guard into the tunnel as deep as possible. Do not collapse the tunnel for at least 15 minutes after treatment to allow the vapour to penetrate the entire tunnel.

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