Oil rehabilitation

A range of solutions for the control and removal of hydrocarbon spillages, such as diesel, petrol and oil
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Breaks oil, diesel & petrol spills down into natural components.

DESCRIPTION: A Hydrocarbon Converter breaks oil, petrol diesel and other hydrocarbons down into natural components. OIL-GONE literally neutralises oil and grease pollution and stains by irreversibly converting them to a non hazardous substance (organo silicate). Specifically designed to neutralise toxic hydrocarbons, (oils, jet fuels, diesel etc) to a non-hazardous, and irreversible state. This process is simple and fast leaving the converted hydrocarbons harmless and inert.

ADVANTAGES: An environmentally friendly way to clean oil spillages * Easy to use * Spray on and leave to nature.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: OIL-GONE is Biodegradable, Non-flammable, Water-soluble, Non-toxic, Non-hydrocarbon, fire-suppressant & Inert.

NOTES: In the eyes: Flush with running water. Get medical attention if irritation develops * Ingestion: Drink plenty of water * On skin: Wash immediately with running water * Storage: Store in a cool place and away from foodstuffs * Precautions: Use gloves and goggles when handling product. Rinse equipment with clean water after use. Should contact with glass occur, wash immediately * Important: OIL-GONE dries out if the container is not sealed after use.

APPLICATION RATE: Concrete or brick with light contamination * Follow the process above with 2 parts OIL-GONE to 1 part water * Vertical Walls – If the contamination is heavy, use OIL-GONE undiluted; if light, mix 3 parts OIL-GONE with 1 part water and follow the process above * Machinery or metal decks – Dilute 3 parts OIL-GONE with 2 parts water and spray directly onto the contaminated areas. Vigorously brush any heavily-soiled parts or areas. Leave for 5 minutes, then wash off and allow to dry * Food preparation points and catering kitchens – Mix 1 part OIL-GONE with 3 parts water and spray directly onto floors, walls and equipment. Vigorously brush any heavily-soiled parts and areas. Allow to dry for at least 5 minutes, then wash off thoroughly with clean water * General Cleaning/Light cleaning and maintenance – Use 1 part OIL-GONE to 3 parts water as above.

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