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A range of organic fertilizers for turf grass, ornamentals & crops.


GuanoBoost | Read More

GuanoBoost is a 100% Organic foliar feed and fertilizer, bio stimulant as well as soil conditioner manufactured from pure sea bird guano.

ADVANTAGES: GuanoBoost is rich in nutritional elements that attaches to extremely small Fulvic Acid and organic carbon particles which drastically increase the update and efficacy of the product / Complete foliar or soil applied / The unique formulation boost metabolic processes in the plant and naturally increase the plants own resistance against environmental stress, such as heat, frost as well as plant disease and pest attacks / 100% organic / Fulvic Acid and Organic Carbon improves the soil structure & growing conditions / Water holding capacity and root development improves.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: N (13,2 g/kg) / P (1,5 g/kg) / K (2.2 g/kg) / S (2.0 g/kg) / Mg (4 g/kg) / Ca (294 mg/kg) / Zn (290 mg/kg) / Cu (61.73 mg/kg) / Fe (118 mg/kg) / B (4.51 mg/kg) / Mn (0.1 mg/kg) / Carbon (1%) / FulvicAcid (3.5%).

APPLICATION RATE: Rate: 500 mℓ/ 10ℓ water

NOTES: Apply with pressure sprayer to active growing foliage and stems / Or drench mixture into the soil around the base of the tree.

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Guanosol Slow Release | Read More

A slow release 100% organic fertilizer pill for trees

ADVANTAGES: * 100% organic fertiliser. * Made from sea bird guano. * Easy to apply, ready to use pill format. * Slow release – 3 to 4 months. * Micro- and Macro-nutrients. * Ideal kick-start for use when planting trees. * Use 1-4 pills per tree hole.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 168.9g/kg N, 53.1 g/kg P, 25.2 g/kg K, 62.0g/kg Ca, 4.5g/kg Mg, 8479mg/kg Na, 22mg/kg Mn, 789mg/kg Fe, 12mg/kg Cu, 141mg/kg Zn, 8mg/kg B, 35.36mg/kg Mo, 18.2mg/kg C

NOTES: Pack Size: 14 pill pack, 100 pill box, 500 pill box


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