Sanitary care

Henchem Lines

A complete range of lady and baby sanitary solutions.


mini-ped sanitary bin | Read More

Designed by women, for women

DESCRIPTION:  * A bin that fits discreetly next to the toilet in modern washrooms designed with slimline cubicles. * Smooth design eliminates dust & dirt collecting in grooves. * Hands-free, pedal operation promote high hygiene standards. * Fluted chute prevents waste sticking to the surface. * A bin that is quick and easy to service. * Made from lightweight durable ABS. * 12L


Nappy Bin | Read More

DESCRIPTION: * 65L capacity . 710X410X410 * White * High capacity bins for disposing of used nappies. * Smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. * Fit under standard height worktops. Handles for easy carrying.

Hygiene Bag Dispenser | Read More

Dispense hygiene bags for the discreet and safe removal of sanitary waste.

DESCRIPTION:  * Dimensions: 2.5 (D) x 8.6 (W) x 13cm(H). * Installation: Installed next to the toilet roll holder. * Finish: White, Satin and Stainless Steel. * Consumables: Bag in box system – 30 bags per refill. * Perforated refill box for easy insertion into the dispenser.


Sanitary Bin Liners | Read More

DESCRIPTION: * Liner bin system so the interior is never soiled. * Available in red, blue, green and yellow * Packs of 100 bags. * 25 micron bag

SaniSense powder | Read More

DESCRIPTION:  * Sanitary bin disinfectant powder and deodoriser. * Eradicates bad odours and keeps the bin fresh between services * Keeps bin hygienic by deactivating germs and bacteria.

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