Environmental technical Advice and assistance

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Environmental conditions, site specific conditions, expected outcomes and financial implications are only a handful of factors that must be considered before determining a vegetation management or pest control strategy. Henchem has more than 22 years’ environmental technical advice experience in the field of turf grass management, horticultural environments, industrial weed control, bush control, dams, forestry and nature conservation areas, structural & public health pest control and hygiene and post-harvest crop protection.

Contact us for environmental technical advice or support, analysis services, integrated management strategies and programs in any of these fields.

Safe disposal of empty containers
Did you know: It is illegal to discard empty pesticide containers by burning, dumping or even discarding in a municipal dirt bin.
Safe disposal service: HENCHEM provides a service to discard used pesticide containers purchased from Henchem and issuing clients with a safe disposal certificate.
  • Containers must be empty.
  • Containers must be triple rinsed.
  • Containers must be delivered to Henchem’s premises (Unit 6b, Palmiet street, Stikland).
  • Client will receive a receipt onsite followed by a safe disposal certificate within 5 working days.
Weed control training
Did you know? According to legislation (Act 36 from 1947) all workers applying herbicide must be trained in the safe use thereof and work under the control of a registered pest control applicator.
Risks of untrained staff. Herbicides are hazardous material and if not applied correctly can lead to:
  • Poisoning of the applicator, the public and animals.
  • Damage to non-target vegetation such as lawns, gardens, vineyards, fynbos, etc.
  • Poor results. Weeds not dying off properly must be re-treated at a later stage.
  • Waste of money. Over application and under application is a waste of money.
HENCHEM is an accredited training service provider:
Henchem is an accredited training service provider and presents a three-day course to equip learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude to ensure that they are confident, responsible and capable in the application of herbicides in order:
  • To prevent a safety risk to themselves, the general public and wildlife.
  • To prevent a negative impact on non-target vegetation.
  • To comply with regulations.
  • To be applicable to the learner’s specific industry.
  • To perform accurate weed control tasks according to organizational expectations.
HENCHEM is a subject expert
HENCHEM specializes in weed control. We have more than 22 years’ experience in the application of herbicides to turf grass, total weed control, bush control, horticulture and aquatic weed control. We bring our years of experience to the learning intervention to ensure appropriate and responsible application of our products.
Vegetation Management Application Services
Henchem is one of largest and established vegetation management application contractors in South Africa. We specialize in advanced application techniques such as CDA and offer a wide range of application services for turf grass management, bush control, water systems and industrial weed control.
For further information or advice on all your pest control or vegetation management requirements, reach out to us. Call us in Cape Town on 021 948 7366, Gauteng 067 223 3760 or our Durban branch on 061 473 0162. With over 22 years’ experience in the industry you can be rest assured you are in good hands when dealing with our team.