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A complete range of hand washing solutions.


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DESCRIPTION: * Most cost effective soap system. 4x more concentrated soap refills. Up to 1250 hand washes per refill.  * Dispenser made of high quality polypropylene.  * Life time warranty.  * Adjustable metered pump dispense a controlled dose of 0,4ml, 0,65ml or 1ml of concentrated soap.  * Antimicrobial (Polygiene) push bar “touch point”.  * Hygienically sealed refill eliminates potential contamination.  * New nozzle with every refill. No clogging or dripping.  * Signature moisturizing complex with shea butter, vitamin E & panthenol 


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Attractive, contemporary design enhances Décor throughout your facility, delivering luxurious foam soap and sanitiser formulas

1100ml Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser. The Completely Touch free delivery, helps to reduce the spread of germs.

DESCRIPTION: * Dispenses foaming lotion soap and foaming antibacterial soap. * This dispenser has a touch-free operation. * Dose size of 0.4ml, allows the dispenser to give you 2750 shots of hand soap per refill. Reducing usage and service cost by up to 60%. * Industry leading battery life of 3 years or 120 000 shots of hand soap (Alkaline batteries only, we recommend Duracell)
* Dimensions: 14.2(D) x 14.2 (W) x 28.4 cm(H) * Contemporary clean look dispenser is available in white or Satin. * Ideal for food handling and preparation areas as well as healthcare establishments.

DESCRIPTION: * Each refill has its own pump, ensuring that the pump does not clog or break. * Hygienically sealed refill ensures that the alcohol does not evaporate, maintaining efficiency. Also keeps soap fresh and germ free. * High quality dense formula which delivers a luxurious foam hand washing experience, promoting hand washing at the work place. * Soap refills contains conditioners to sooth and soften the skin. * Antibacterial soap and Sanitizer refills are SABS approved.


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Foam Soap Dispenser
Old Faithful, this soap dispenser has proven itself time and again to be reliable and durable even when used in more industrial type settings.

DESCRIPTION: * 400ml or 800ml Foam Soap Dispenser. * Lifetime warranty. * Dispenses either Lotion Foam Soap or Antibacterial Foam Soap *
Finish: White, Satin & Stainless steel.

DESCRIPTION: * Each refill comes with its own pump. No clogs or breaks ever again. * High quality dense formula which delivers a luxurious foam hand washing experience, promoting hand washing at the work place.
* Hygienically sealed disposable refills keep the soap fresh and germ free. * Sensitive skin formulation , ideal for frequent washing. * 800ml – 0.4ml dose size per shot. Give 2000 shots of hand soap. * 800ml Dimensions: 14(D) x 12.5 (W) x 26.3 cm (H)
800ml Dimensions : 14 (D) x 12.5 (W) x 27 (H) – Stainless Steel Dispenser * Lotion Foam Soap. Contains conditioners to sooth and soften the skin. * Foam Antibacterial Soap. SABS approved.

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