Soil Moisture Management

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A range of solutions to improve the infiltration and moisture retention for turf grass, ornamentals & crops.


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DESCRIPTION: A uniquely formulated penetrant and surfactant for consistent, medium term soil moisture control

ADVANTAGES: Advanced penetrants and concentrated spreaders * Relieve the conditions causing hydrophobic layers in thatch and soils * For use on all sports turf, agriculture and horticultural applications * Provides for the deep, consistent moisture profile throughout the root zone * Cost effective * Medium term wetting agent: 30-45 days * Provides a uniform soil moisture profile • Reduces water usage • Increases nutrient uptake • Programmed approach has ‘top up’ effect • Low rates have cumulative benefits • Compatible with most tank sprays • re-wetting ability • Leads to a reduction in irrigation water inputs of greater than 30% • Apply through irrigation systems or tank mixed for spray application.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: A speciality blend of Polypropylene Glycols and Decyl Glucoside.

APPLICATION RATE: Rate: 10L/ ha in 600 – 800Lts water, repeat every 15 to 30 days at 2,5L-5L/ha rate.

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Aquasmart 4D Liquid | Read More

Penetrate & Hydrate

DESCRIPTION: Revolutionary omni directional surfactant for long term (120 days) soil moisture control.

ADVANTAGES: A unique triple action formulation of technologically advanced penetrants, concentrated spreaders and exceptional long-term re-wetting agents * Provides for deep, uniform, consistent moisture profile throughout the root zone for long periods (90-120 days). * Reduces water usage more than 30% * Increases nutrient uptake * Highest quality cosmetic grade non-toxic environmentally friendly non-ionic surfactants and wetting agents * Contains 100% active ingredients, allowing for a very low dose application programme * Re-wetting ability greatly reduces irrigation evaporation and run-off * For use on all turf, agricultural and horticultural applications.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 100% Polyoxyalkylene Glycol Surfactants .

APPLICATION RATE: Rate: Rate: 10L/ ha in 600 – 800Lts water, repeat every 15 to 30 days at 2,5L/ha rate.

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Aquasmart 4D Tablets | Read More

Penetrate & Hydrate

DESCRIPTION: Aquasmart with all the advantages as mentioned above is available in tablet form for spot application with hose pellet dispenser.

APPLICATION RATE: Available in 150g (25-40min) or 250g (40-50 minute duration).



Qualibra | Read More

Penetrate & Hydrate

DESCRIPTION: Combination of penetrating surfactants & hydrating polymers to hold onto moisture in the root zone.

ADVANTAGES: A premium formulation for greens * Improve surface moisture infiltration which leads to a dry firm playing surface with less risk of disease development in the canopy * Evenly and deeply distribute moisture in the root zone to prevent stress and increase plant health and nutrient uptake.


APPLICATION RATE: Apply 10-20L/ha with 400 – 1000L water /ha.

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Renu | Read More


DESCRIPTION: A combination of mildly cleansing polymers and surfactants that dissolve hydrophobic coatings in the root zone, restoring the growing medium to its original condition.

ADVANTAGES: A corrective approach to managing water repellency * New technology, specifically designed to safely remove organic acid water repellent coatings onto soil particles * These water repellent coatings reduce or prevents water infiltration rates and will in time lead to poor plant hydration and growth decline and death * Eliminate an increase of watering and fertilising to manage the problem * A single application removes up to 20% of water repellent coatings * Consistent use of RENU at prescribed rates will return the sand particles to their original condition * This cleansing or renewal allows for the immediate entry and uniform movement of water away from the surface and into the root zone * The result is a drier and firmer surface (less potential for disease), and a deeper and healthier root system, which leads to a health strong plant.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 100% aqueous hydrophobic surfactants and cleansing polymers.

APPLICATION RATE: 10-20L/ha (depending on severity) in 600 – 800Lts water, repeat every 15 to 30 days at 2,5L/ha rate.



Aquaboost AG30 | Read More

Penetrate & Hydrate

DESCRIPTION: The most cost effective moisture retention product.

ADVANTAGES: A polymeric non toxic solution which improve uniform infiltration and reduce excessive leaching of water through soils * It acts like a “sponge” at root level to soak up water more effectively and hold it in place in the soil * Improves moisture retention, plant quality and colour, Fertiliser efficacy, uptake of water, root development, lateral spread of moisture, enhances germination and plant health • Reduces moisture movement through the soil profile, reduces evaporation, plant stress and mortality because of wet and dry extremes, irrigation frequency, irrigation water usage & cost, plant sodium uptake, leaching losses of water and nutrients & decreases transplant shock for young nursery plants.


APPLICATION RATE: Rate: 7L/ha, repeat monthly at 3L/ha

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Proportioner pellet dispenser | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Hand applicator for dispensing soil surfactants through irrigation water.

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