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Fumigation gas for the control of all life stages of wood destroying, crawling pests and rodents.

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Control of all broad leaf weeds in lawn & sporting turf.

DESCRIPTION: Selective herbicide for superb control of all broad leaf weeds in lawn & sporting turf.

ADVANTAGES: Advanced formulation with a triple systemic action* Advanced built-in absorbing system * Absorbed within two hours (three times faster than conventional herbicides) * Broad spectrum.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Dicamba, 2,4-D, MCPA 120/ 180/ 157,5 g/l

NOTES: No mowing for five days prior and three days after.

APPLICATION RATE: Greens and bowling rings. 2 liters / hectare (20ml / 4 liters water/ 100m2). Sport fields, Lawns, Fairways 5 – 7 liters / hectare (50 – 70ml / 4 liters water/ 100m2)

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Profume Cylinderised Gas Fumigant

DESCRIPTION: Fumigation gas for the effective & reliable pest control of a wide range of stored product pests.

ADVANTAGES: Controls all life stages (egg, larva, pupa and adult.
Excellent penetration and rapid aeration.
Non corrosive, non flammable and relatively inert.
Flexible fumigation as short as 4 hours.
No effect on quality, nutritional value or taste of commodities.
Fumiguide software for precise dosage calculation and record keeping.
Alleviating phosphine resistance issues.
No disposal issues after its use.

NOTES: Only to be used by qualified PCO and ProFume Fumigators.

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