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Organic Cleaner & Degreaser.

DESCRIPTION: OrganoPrime is an environmentally responsible, heavy-duty, all-purpose organic cleaning agent and de-greaser. The substance is a powerful, fully bio-degradable, water-based detergent soap developed for tough jobs on surfaces which are not damaged by water. OrganoPrime is multi-purpose and is capable of removing bio-film, carbon, oil, greasy soils, as well as organic and in-organic stains. The uniquid food-safe formula makes it suitable for use in any food processing environment, such as industrial kitchens, restaurants, butcheries and/or abattoirs, among many others for removing dirt, greasy fats, waxes or general grime.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Specialised mild natural soap/detergent containing a synergistic blend of sequestrants, solubilisers and stabilizers (pH 9-10).

APPLICATION RATES: • Ready-to-Use > for heavy-duty, initial cleaning or shock treatment. • 1:1 > medium dilution for intermediate or monthly cleaning. • 1:3 > light dilution for regular or weekly cleaning. • 1:9 > extra-light dilution for window/glass cleaning.


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