Systemic Post Emergence herbicides

Henchem Lines

Leaf absorbing herbicides for the total control of all broad leaf and grass weeds. No residual action.


Kleen-Up | Read More

Multi-purpose non selective herbicide.

DESCRIPTION: Non-selective systemic herbicide for the total control of broad leaf and grass weeds on paving, roads, fences, industrial yards and other hard surfaces.

ADVANTAGES: Ideal for sensitive areas * No residual action

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glyphosate 360g/l (Isopropylamine salt)

APPLICATION RATE: 2 – 9 litre /hectare

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Tumbleweed | Read More

A powerful non selective systemic herbicide.

DESCRIPTION: Non selective post emergence herbicide solution for the control of annual and perennial weeds

ADVANTAGES: 50% more active * 50% lower application rate * Reduced cost per hectare * Powerful knockdown *Versatile. Invader & aquatic plants * One hour rain fast * No residual action.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glyphosate 540 g/l


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Bazooka | Read More

Non selective systemic herbicide.

DESCRIPTION: A water soluble granule, non selective foliar applied systemic herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial weeds in agricultural, non-crop and industrial areas.

ADVANTAGES: Lowest application rate and most economical non selective herbicide * Dry formulation for easy measuring, mixing and application * No hazardous waste with empty containers

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glyphosate 800g/kg


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Roundup Weather Max | Read More

DESCRIPTION: A water soluble, non-selective, post emergent herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds in forestry and conservation areas

ADVANTAGES: Roundup Weather Max is the leading post-emergence herbicide when it comes to weed control in forestry for the effective in the control of grasses and herbaceous weeds:
* Highly concentrated formula for consistency of performance in tough conditions on tough weeds. * Contains Transorb™ technology for faster absorption and translocation and ensures rain fastness within two hours after spraying. * 22% higher surfactant loading than the competition (USA) and improved tank-mix compatibility. * Systemic herbicide: Absorbed by plant foliage and green stems but inactivated immediately in the soil. * May be tank-mixed with other herbicides to provide residual weed control in the soil (eg: Esplanade), a broader weed control spectrum, or an alternate mechanism of action. * Does not provide residual weed control.

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