Systemic Pre Emergence herbicides

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Soil applied root absorbing herbicides prevent seed germination on sensitive environments. Keep weed free areas clean for up to 8 months.

Esplanade® 500SC | Read More

A New Generation Pre-Emergence Herbicide

DESCRIPTION: Esplanade® 500SC is the ultimate pre-emergent herbicide for a broad spectrum of weeds providing up to 8 months of consistent control. It’s low application rate, consistent results and longlasting residual will save you time and money!

ADVANTAGES: * The new mode of action provides superior efficiency even on hard to control grassy and resistant broad-leaf weeds. * Delivers long-term residual control, up to 8 months, resulting in reduced herbicide applications. * Very low application rates, only 150 mℓ/ha (km2). * Very low risk of leaching and degradation by the sun (UV). * Very low environmental impact & low hazardous waste risk. * Non-corrosive to equipment and property. * Excellent control of resistant weeds. * User-friendly packaging and size.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Indaziflam (alkylazine) 500 g/ℓ

NOTES: * One 500 mℓ bottle of Esplanade® 500SC provides reliable
weed prevention on 3.3 ha/km2. * Esplanade® 500SC contains Indaziflam (alkylazine) which is the newest generation of pre-emergent herbicides. * Controls broad-spectrum weeds by precenting the emergence of seedlings through the inhibition of cellulose biosynthesis (CB Inhibitor).

AVAILABLE SIZES: 5106203: 500 mℓ

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Outpace Flow | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Soil applied residual herbicides with prolonged action for the prevention of weed growth.

ADVANTAGES: Lower leaching *Prolonged period of control

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Simazine 250g/l Terbuthylazine 500 g/l

APPLICATION RATE: 15 – 20 litre/ha or 200ml / 4 litre water/ 100m2

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Outpace GR | Read More

Pre-Emergence herbicide.

DESCRIPTION: OutPace GR is a granular soil acting herbicide with prolonged action for the prevention of weed growth on industrial sites and other non-crop areas.

ADVANTAGES: Dry application with granular spreader * No water, no measuring and no mixing * Apply in any weather condition * Prevents weed for up to 14 months with a single application * Safe to use in sensitive areas * Control existing weeds with a systemic herbicide.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Terbuthylazine (triazine) 97,0 g/kg Simazine (triazine) 97,0 g/kg Related active triazines 6,0 g/kg, Total active ingredients 200,0 g/kg


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