A range of solutions for spray indication and colour enhancement on turf grass
Henchem Lines

Kannar turf care green | Read More

Consistent colour plus protection from harmful UV rays and excessive light.

DESCRIPTION: High quality turf dye to instantly provide a natural deep green colour on Turfgrass.

ADVANTAGES: Instantly restores the natural green colour to turf * It is recommended for use on golf courses, race courses, residential & commercial lawns and sports fields.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Kannar TurfKare Green 650v1.0. high performance turf colourant for enhancing appearance of Turf.

NOTES: Apply multiple coatings to increase contrast.

APPLICATION RATE: 3 liter/ 660 liter water/ hectare 300ml/ 6,6 liter/ 100m2

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Ryder | Read More

Great lasting colour – that can be tailored to your turf demands.

DESCRIPTION: Ryder is the new turf pigment technology that protects turf from harmful UV rays and excessive light, delivering a consistent natural green colour. Apply as a programme to build colour and prior to periods of stress to maintain appearance.

ADVANTAGES: • Great lasting colour – that can be tailored to your turf demands. • Protection from harmful UV radiation and high light intensities. • Rainfast in 1 hour.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Turf safe colour pigments and UV filters.

NOTES: Application aid: The instant colour provides acts as a spray pattern indicator in itself, especially at higher rates or on turf inherently paler at the time of application. For better coverage use two sprays at half rate, applied in different directions.

APPLICATION RATE: Apply at a rate of 0.75 to 1.5 l/ha in a water volume of 250-500 litres per hectare. Use higher rates for deeper green colour and greater protection against light stress. Used in conjunction with a Primo Maxx II programme, reduced mowing will increases longevity in growing periods.

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