Turf Growth Promoters

turf growth promoters
A range of solutions to promote the general health and growth rate of grass

Oxyturf | Read More

Increase oxygen levels and improve aerobic conditions in the soil

DESCRIPTION: Provides a solution to anaerobic soil profile conditions and the symptoms thereof by introducing positive beneficial digestive micro organisms into the soil profile and by releasing slow dissolved oxygen into the soil profile.

ADVANTAGES: Black layer * Penetration compaction * Course manicuring * Root system increase.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: OxyTurf should be applied to resolve any of the following: Black Layer, Thatch build-up, Algae, Drainage issues, Bare patches, Turf Stress (Increase recovery rate), Continuous Turf management programs, Bunkers with drainage issues – silt formation or compaction.

NOTES: Irrigate thoroughly after application.

APPLICATION RATE: Bent grass – 0,225L/ha – Warm Season turf grass 1to 2 liter/ha

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PrimoMax | Read More

A Plant growth regulator to reduce vertical growth and stimulate horizontal growth of turf grass

DESCRIPTION: Primo Maxx® plant growth regulator promotes denser, healthier turf that is better able to withstand a variety of stresses including heat, drought, diseases and traffic. It slows the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation. Vertical shoot growth is slowed, while lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots is stimulated.

ADVANTAGES: Reduce mowing * Increase density * Fewer clippings during mowing * Increase stress tolerance * Improves colour.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: trinexapac-ethyl.

NOTES: 1 Application/month during the active growing season Sept – April.

APPLICATION RATE: Cool season grass – 0,225L/ha (2,25ml/4 liter water/ 100m2), Warm season grass – 1 to 7 liter/ha (ho-70ml/4 liter water 100m2)

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Humate Sure * Humate Dry | Read More

Soil Conditioner

DESCRIPTION: Humate Sure/Dry is a water soluble medium necessary as a soil conditioner for sandy soils.

ADVANTAGES: Improves soil structure and soil growing conditions for microbes and roots * Improves water holding capacity, water intake and drought protection * Stimulates microbial activity in the soil * Natural chelate to improve nutrient uptake * Stabilise nitrogen and complex phosphates to reduce block ups * easy to use products * Very fine structure is water soluble for deep soil conditioning.


APPLICATION RATE: 3-9kg/ha (30-90g/100m2)

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Soil Sure | Read More

DESCRIPTION: Improve soil structure, soil growing conditions and promote root development

ADVANTAGES: Powerful soil conditioners and bio-stimulants. * Improve filtration and airflow to leach high sodium and chlorides * Improve update of locked nutrients, such as Calcium and Phosphorous * Promote strong and healthy roots. Buffering Soil PH and stimulates microbial activity.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: N 4.3g/kg, P 13.9g/kg, Bo 468mg/kg, C 80g/kg Amino acids 28.27% & soil surfactants

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Liqui-Cal Gypsum | Read More

Liqui-Cal Gypsum is a natural source of calcium and sulphate solution.

DESCRIPTION: Building and Correcting Soils naturally

ADVANTAGES: Cost effective soil conditioner * Raising the calcium content *Micro fine particles (<5 microns) in water soluble form for easy application and instant results.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium (Ca) 370gr/kg Magnesium (Mg) 10 gr/kg CCE Resin 62% CCE HCI 100% Moisture content < 0.7 %


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Micro Mix | Read More

A natural soil conditioner & plants immune booster.

DESCRIPTION: A natural soil conditioner & plants immune booster.

ADVANTAGES: A complex of 42 of the most important soil microbes, enzymes amino-acids, auxins, cytokinins, vitamins, humic acid and fulvic acid in a balanced formula * Derived from earthworms, promote healthy soils, roots and plants * Is not assembled but cultivated and extracted from healthy soil.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium (Ca) 370gr/kg Magnesium (Mg) 10 gr/kg CCE Resin 62% CCE HCI 100% Moisture content < 0.7 %

APPLICATION RATE: 10L/1000L water/ ha

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Kelp-P-Max | Read More

A multi-purpose foliar feed.

DESCRIPTION: A vegetative product that ensures root- as well as leaf development, containing amino acids and fully chelated micro-elements

ADVANTAGES: Immediately available * Rectify shortages * Overcome antagonism * Cost-effective.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 7:3:1 (23) NPK supplement * Micro- Nutrients (chelated) * Amino-acids * Kelp growth stimulants

NOTES: Do not apply stronger than 2% mixture

APPLICATION RATE: 2 to 4 liter / hectare

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Kelpak | Read More

Stimulate aggressive root growth.

DESCRIPTION: A natural water soluble concentrate plant growth regulator.

ADVANTAGES: Natural product containing kelp growth hormones * Powerful stimulant for root growth.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Auxins and cito-conins from kelp.

NOTES: Irrigate thoroughly after application.

APPLICATION RATE: 2 to 4 liter / hectare

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