Wetting Agents

Henchem Lines

Products to improve the wetting, spreading and sticking and performance of pesticides, fertilizers and other sprayed products.


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Organic adjuvant and bio-pesticide

DESCRIPTION: A soluble liquid pesticide for the control of insects, mites and diseases as indicated in specified crops and surfactant for use with pesticides, herbicides and foliar nutrients

ADVANTAGES: Dual mode – Bio pesticide and Surfactant * Based on natural, cold-pressed orange oil and a proprietary blend of surfactants * At low rates – multipurpose surfactant * At high rates – Bio pesticide to control mites, insects and certain plant diseases * Can be used in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems, with minimal impact on beneficial insect populations.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Orange oil 50 g / ℓ Non-ionic surfactant 68 g / ℓ

APPLICATION RATE: Adjuvant. Improve the wetting spreading sticking of other pesticides and fertilizers – 15ml/10L water – Organic pesticide (insecticide, fungicide, miticide) – 20-50 ml/ 10 Litre water

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Booster AS | Read More

DESCRIPTION: An ammonium sulphate based adjuvant for use with glyphosate based herbicides to improve and aid compatibility.

ADVANTAGES: Promotes the absorption of glyphosate herbicide into leaf surfaces * Improve weed control action and results.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ammonium Sulphate 500g/l.

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