Wood Treatment

Henchem Lines

A range of paint or spray-on pesticides for the control of wood destroying pests.


Glybor 300 | Read More

DESCRIPTION: GlyBor 300 is a ready-for-use, glycol-based wood preserving solution that is formulated as a surface and internal treatment for preserving untreated and difficult to treat timbers, whether new or existing.

ADVANTAGES: A colourless, odourless and non-flammable treatment of wide spectrum fungicidal and insecticidal activity with the exceptional advantage of having a low mammalian toxicity * It is easy to apply and can be over-coated with any wood sealer/coating after drying.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Boric acid equivalent (H3BO3) 300 g/ℓ (min.)

APPLICATION RATE: 125 to 250 mℓ per m2 per coat, depending on the surface smoothness and timber species

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CTX108 | Read More

DESCRIPTION: A ready-for-use organic solvent-based solution containing specifically blended insecticidal and fungicidal active ingredients that provides a colourless surface treatment for protection of seasoned timber against wood borer and termite attack as well as discolouring fungi and mould growth.

ADVANTAGES: Contains a high level of insecticide to provide long term protection * Control and eradicate wood boring insects in infested timber * The organic solvent provides a degree of penetration of the active ingredients into the wood structure and ensures rapid drying * After drying, any coating/finish can be applied on the treated wood surface

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Cypermethrin (Synthetic pyrethroid) 10 g/ℓ, 2 – (thiocyanomethylthio) benzothiazole 8 g/ℓ Organosulfur compound)

APPLICATION RATE: 4-8m2 per litre, Apply to clean, dry timber surfaces before application of a final wood coating/finish. Ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly covered by using either brush-on, dip or spray application methods. Avoid skin contact.

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